When The Hearth Fire Turns To Blue, What To Do?
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  • Merrill:  Why don't you arrest us, Aveline?
  • Aveline:  What?
  • Merrill:  We break the law. I'm pretty sure. There are laws for almost everything. You're not a bad guard, are you?
  • Aveline:  No!
  • Merrill:  That's good. Is it because you're fond of Hawke? I kind of am.
  • Aveline:  How very nice for you. Keep it to yourself.
  • Merrill:  I'd rather keep it with her.

Gents of the Inquisition




paparazzi would show up to a celebrity’s lesbian wedding and be like ‘so-and-so looked classically chic at elaborate friendship ceremony with long-time ‘gal pal’ so-and-so. the two reportedly shared a completely platonic kiss and vowed to be ‘best friends’ for life’

hearing the media talk about lesbians is like trying to watch the 4kids version of an anime


you called?


when u sneeze in front of your pet and they look like you’ve just offended their great ancestors



All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

the inquisitor