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1 year ago on 10/18/13

So I had the best night. So it started with the best waiting for a concert that I’ve ever done since I didn’t have to wait in the rain and just sit in my car and play pokemon (I was going to have to leave the crowd to go meet the band anyweay, so it didn’t matter where I was in the line. Any way, once I got my meet in greet stuff they let me right in to the concert.
So me and the other winners all met up and waited to be taken back stage to have our photo’s taken with the band. So we all stood backstage and waited to come up the stairs. Then as soon as I heard John’s voice comming from up the stairs, I freaked out a little and started bouncing and looked like such a dork when they walked in and had the biggest smile on my face ever. the entire band shook out hands and talked to all of us. I literally cannot say how nice they all were since I know that they were all probably tired as hell and made time to come and have their photo’s taken with us. I’m actually still bouncing now because I can’t get over the fact that I actually met them. (BTW: John shook my hand twice, Mike once and Robby 3 times).
So they let us out right next to the front of the concert giving us great places to stand and giving me an awesome view, unfortunately, my iphone’s camera sucks. I can never get over how much they throw themselves into a live performance, especially Robby. But the setlist was brilliant, you can see it here, including one of my favourite songs by them, Can’t Let It Go, done acoustically by John. Also, at the end of Broadway, I caught Robby’s pic as you can see.
I’m still not quite over the concert and meeting them and everything, it was probably one of the happiest moments of my life because the band and their music mean so much to me, to actually be able to meet them and tell them that was the most gratifying experience.

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